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  • 產品介紹


    72 (6x12) Cells

    305W-320W 多晶矽太陽能模組

    Mechanical characteristics
    • Number of Cell: 72 cells
    • Dimension: 1956x992x40 mm
    • Weight: 23.0 Kgs
    • Junction Box: IP65/IP67 rated (3 bypass diodes)
    • Connectors: MC4 compatible
    • Mechanical load test: 5400Pa

    N6P305W-320W (295 KB)
    Electrical Characteristics
    Type N6P305W72P N6P310W72P N6P315W72P N6P320W72P
    Maximum Power (Pmax) 305W 310W 315W 320W
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 45.3V 45.3V 45.5V 45.5V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.94A 9.07A 9.17A 9.32A
    Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmpp) 36.5V 36.5V 36.7V 36.7V
    Current at Maximum Power (Impp) 8.35A 8.49A 8.58A 8.72A
    Module Efficiency 15.71% 15.97% 16.23% 16.48%
    Power Tolerance 0/+5W
    Operating Module Temperature ?-40℃ to +85℃
    Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC (IEC) / 600VDC (UL)
    Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
    Temperature Characteristics Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45+/-2℃
    Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.42%/℃
    Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.32%/℃
    Temperature Coefficient of Isc 0.05%/℃